About us

Super-cell brings the future directly to you. The company opens the door to a different world of consumption. Our products are based on the latest scientific developments in the area of Synthetic Biology. Our Production is continuously controlled by biosafety experts. Super-cell promises you safety and gives proof of its economic competence on a daily basis. Each branch offers its customers the possibility to follow the production process on spot in our stores. School and study groups can be introduced to the world of Super-cell by experts when booking in advance.

Transparency in the production process underlines the global objective of Super-cell: Free access to genetic information. Due to the actual political and legal situation Super-cell is forced to purchase licences for some of the products as the according information is under copyright. To continuously offer our clients a wide range of products we accept these contraints.

Sustainability of the core business is a must for a profitable growth of Super-cell. This includes to respect social and ecological necessities at an early stage. We can name the resulting provisions and goals in detail: 10% of each purchase at Super-cell goes to a foundation that buys licences for particular genetic information and makes it freely accessable. As both a forward-looking and high-performance company this marks our contribution to modernisation of the trade – on a national and international level.

Parallel to our global goals we always have you in mind. Super-cell employees are always looking to satisfy your wishes and realise your ideas. We would love to hear your opinion on our offer and are open-minded to new concepts and suggestions for improvement. This is why we included a comment function for each of our products in the online shop. Please contact us!

Super Cell radio show (german language)

A radio show discussing Synthetic Biology was developed by Mareike Maage for the WDR (West German Broadcasting). The format is titled Super Cell and closely relates to the present website. The show will be aired on Thursday 15 March 2011, 20h (GMT+1) on 1Live. The following interviewees will be presented:

Roland Eils
Professor und Direktor des Fachbereichs Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics und seit 2006 Gründungsdirektor von Bioquant, Center for Quantative Biologie an der Universität Heidelberg

Bernd Müller – Röber
Professor am Institut für Biochemie und Biologie Universität Potsdam und stellv. Vorsitzender des BioÖkonomieRats

Christoph Then
Vorsitzender Testbiotech e.V., Institut für unabhängige Folgenabschätzung in der Biotechnologie, München

Wilfried Weber
Professor für synthetische Biologie, Institut für Biologie II (Biochemie), Universität Freiburg und Bioss, Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

Joan Slonczewski,
Professorin für Biologie, Kenyon College, US und Science Fiction Autorin

Ursula Damm
Künstlerin und Professorin für Medienkunst an der Bauhaus – Universität Weimar

Peter Singer
Philosoph und Bioethiker, sowie Professor an der
Universität in Princeton, US

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg
Künstlerin und Designerin, UK