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Product Overview

  • Personalization by learning user's likes and dislikes
  • Top design
  • Forms into nearly every possible shape
  • Uni-sex
  • Sexual advisor
  • Maximum discretion and maximum sex
  • Indulge yourself in 'Sasha'

Product Description

'Sasha' is a sensual communication tool for men and women. It helps you understand your needs and communicates them to your partner.

While in the first sessions it learns from you, the longer and more often you use 'Sasha', it will begin guiding you, taking the lead to bring you to new sensual horizons. 'Sasha' can be used for massage and caressing, but 'Sasha' may also be used as an intelligent sex toy for men and women and constantly collects data about your hormone level whilst satisfying your physical desires.

The exclusively-designed docking-station charges 'Sasha' and stores the data of your session to improve an on-going evaluation of your likes and dislikes. Thereby 'Sasha' learns and improves according to your interests, becoming more accurate with increased use. This guarantees maximum fun or relaxation with 'Sasha'.

When not in use 'Sasha' doesn’t resemble a sex toy at all. Placed in the base it becomes a beautiful moving sculpture, morphing into tasteful shapes that please the eye. 'Sasha' serves as a “sexual advisor” helping to improve the sex life in your relationship.

This tool is a must-have for people who want both discrete aesthetics and maximum enjoyment.

Technical Description

'Sasha' is available in several looks. It consists of synthetic skin filled with sensory cell mass and muscle strands controlled by an integrated neural network. 'Sasha' is stored in a glass base filled with appended nourishing solution which should be refreshed every third day.

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Petra and Harry writes: 18/10/10 19:45

Hej everybody. Well - Sasha is great! We actually had some problems in the relationship – we were not satisfied, couldnt communicate about our needs and it was like a spiral – seperating us more and more. We tried it with a couple's therapy but also that didnt work out. And than we bought Sasha. Its unbeliveble, but it helped us to find the way back to each other, to show us what the partner needs and to bring joy, understanding and satisfaction back to our relationship.

Jimmy: writes: 12/10/10 23:45

Uuuhh thats amazing. Never had better sex than after a few weeks of training with Sasha and my girlfriend! And: The more Sashas you use the greater it is, when they are all in and around you... So if you think of buying this I can say: do it!

Sarah: writes: 11/10/10 00:13

@Maximilian – maybe you're just afraid of your real sexual needs? Good Lord - you guys are prude!

Maximilian: writes: 10/10/10 22:08

Sorry guys, but thats awful. I can only agree with the man from the video comment. In the beginning its great but when it starts then to take control of the situation it gets strange, really uncomfortable...

Ashton writes: 06/10/10 17:55 watch video

Ann writes: 28/09/10 12:08 watch video

Ann writes: 28/09/10 12:08 watch video

Mrs Anonymous writes: 26/09/10 19:45 watch video

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