Ant Army

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Product Overview

  • Keep your plants safe with biological pest control
  • Keep your garden clean and tidy
  • Enjoy administrating your personal army
  • Be independent from harmful petrochemical pesticides

Product Description

'Ant Army' can be paired with a variety of garden plants to be defended. When attacked by parasites, leaves start emitting a messenger substance that will be recognized by the ants and will alert them to fan out for rescue. 

If you want to enjoy your garden undisturbed by the ants, the 'Ant Army' homing function will come in handy. Simply press a button on your remote control and the habitat will release a messenger substance summoning the ants home immediately. In colder regions, the habitat will be kept at tropical temperature to ensure the ants' well-being and optimal functionality. 

The autumn version of the product comes with an upgrade that turns 'Ant Army' into a useful helper for keeping your garden clean and tidy. Litter and dropped leaves will be recognized and collected into piles. 

Included in the set are:
1x ant colony along with the appropriate ant army box
5x food capsules + 4m hoses (amounts and lenghts can be specialized according to your own ideas)
1x feed pump with 5 connections (additional remote feed pump controls + special belts can be ordered)
1x 5l bucket of special honey
1x phytomon controller including batteries and power supply
1x phytomon capsule
1x collection of command capsules
1x swarming command capsule

The set can be used for any kind of trees and bushes. The product needs to be placed centrally in the crown of the tree.
Please note: The ants can be aggressive. Keep children away from it! Carelessness could be painful and dangerous for your eyes. We are not liable for possible consequences of misuse!

Technical Description

Synthetic receptors able to recognize even faint detectable olfactory stimuli were engineered by synthetic biology approaches and coupled to a partially modified motoneuronal network of south american ants. Thereby, the ants were sensibilized for the messenger substances emitted by injured leaves. Furthermore, the modification in the motoneuronal network enables to gain a specific attack reaction in case the synthetic olfactory receptors are stimulated. Each ant army is extensively tested for undefined reactions or non-specific attack reactions before shipment.

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Thompson writes: 25/10/10 05:43 watch video

Look what the could do!

Jule writes: 06/10/10 17:55 watch video

Nice Idea! Why not? All inventions and products were derived from the nature. The Acacia plant do the same like this product generates for a general plant.

Sindy writes: 02/08/10 23:39 watch video

Thats why I see no bats anymore!

Viki writes: 05/04/10 17:03 watch video

Wow! This is a very brilliant idea! You just made a product out of this! Cool! If every plant could communicate in the same way we dont need pesticides anymore! Ingenious!!!

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