Bacterial Fridge

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Product Overview

  • Long lasting effect
  • No electricity needed
  • Help for developing countries

Product Description

The Bacterial Fridge employs synthetic organisms to defend your food from going to waste. Without any necessity for cooling, the Bacterial Fridge will attack any organisms that are responsible for rotting your food. Compared to traditional fridges, this process is far more effective and keeps the content of your fridge fresh for years. 

Australian Wine Farmers are already using this technology to conserve some grapes of each vintage to be delivered alongside the wine bottle of the same year.
For each fridge you buy, we send one into developing countries that don’t have the infrastructure to run traditional fridges efficiently.

Technical Description

The reproductive cycle of the included bacteria involves three specific molecules, which control the gene regulation of segmentation. If one of these molecules is missing, an inhibitor will freeze reproduction. Please note: Only open the fridge in dark rooms or at night!

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bob writes: 21/09/13 13:53


Bob writes: 21/09/13 13:53

Funny and Real and Takes your Credit Card info

Machim writes: 20/10/10 22:09

Holy god! I wish that I could send this to my homeland.

Nada writes: 06/10/10 17:55

What happening when I would open the gas bottle in the room and not in the fridge? Can I sterilise the whole room on this way? If yes I just do.

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