Perfect Body

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Product Overview

  • Highly personalized
  • Easy to use
  • Increase lust for life

Product Description

'Perfect Body' is a collection of high-class designer body parts made of industrially grown human tissue.

Be you - every day!

With 'Perfect Body' it's quick and easy:
Step 1: buy the desired body part
Step 2: apply some PERFECT BODY active bacteria lotion© onto the part of your body you wish to replace. Within 30 seconds the upper layer of your body's skin disintegrates.
Step 3: now simply attach the new PERFECT BODY part by gently pressing it onto the open lesion.
The new body part adheres perfectly in just 60 seconds.

Your 'Perfect Body' - real feelings guaranteed!

Technical Description

PERFECT BODY parts consist of industrially grown human tissue that contain a fully functional nervous system. The body parts are compatible with every healthy body. If you have any diseases, please contact us and we will provide you with a premium version of the product that is perfectly adapted to your DNA-Code. To guarantee a perfect fit of this product we recommend the personalized version.

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Sam writes: 21/09/13 13:53

Topkek, not real but still would be cool.

Bob writes: 21/09/13 13:53

Why would you change out your penis for a bacteria one???????????????

Lisabeth writes: 20/10/10 18:09

God thanks! I need it now!

Veronique writes: 16/10/10 23:24 watch video

clara (again) writes: 06/10/10 22:50 watch video

Jessy writes: 06/10/10 17:55

Its great! Its wonderful - I am wonderful with Perfect Body! Buy it and try it! Become pretty!

Henry Adams writes: 01/10/10 13:08 watch video

Hacktor writes: 28/09/10 12:08

Hey. For real fun with “Perfect Body”: be life-giving. You wanna know how? Search for Biohacking/Perfect Body and suceed. Its great! Thats a living sex machine!

Sally writes: 25/09/10 00:08

Once I have been pretty, from inside. Once I have been alife. Now I consist of synthetic body parts and with the loss of my body I lost my soul as well. Why do I realize it so late. I'm empty. My body is gone. Where am I now?

clara writes: 06/08/10 17:55 watch video

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