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Product Overview

  • True love guaranteed
  • Take life into your own hands
  • Stop questioning, just enjoy your relationship

Product Description

'AphrodiTec': true love comes from within.

The essence of love concentrated in 20 ml that will take you straight to cloud nine. With the power of Aphrodite the 'goddess of love' herself, you can start a relationship free of doubt and pain, with whomever and whenever you want. Just take one ampoule of 'AphrodiTec', stay in the presence of the one chosen to fall in love with, and look into his/her eyes for thirty seconds while touching the loved one's hand. Each ampoule of 'AphrodiTec' guarantees true love for one month.

Keep away from children!
Do not give 'AphrodiTec' to others without their knowledge.

Technical Description

Vesicles with synthetic second messenger invoke emotions in the consumer of this product by exerting influence on the limbic system. In particular, the communication between the neurons within the amygdala is significantly improved, thereby avoiding misleading signals of anger and rage.

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R Stephan writes: 26/10/10 14:35

Hello, I'm a theology student with a problem: my faith is crumbling. Will this help me too? If not, can't you develop something for me? I'm sure a friend of mine (who is into corporate design) could be helped, too. Sincerely, RS

jani writes: 20/10/10 18:09

Oh, god yes! I hope I will be fucked, when I got it!

Mrs. soon married writes: 18/10/10 19:45

I know its the right decision, he is the right man to become my husband. And I gonna love him. Thanks AphrodiTec.

Lily writes: 06/10/10 17:55 watch video

Mandy writes: 28/09/10 12:08

Great stuff! Keep at it!

Mr. McLouis writes: 27/09/10 20:08

My career was planned wisely. But at a certain point I found myself lonely - what is also a shame when you are invited to celebrtory events...So I went out to find my girl and this wonderful essence helped me to succeed very quickly. Thats how life has to be structured!

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