Deo Yeast

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Product Overview

  • 100% sustainable
  • 100% non-petrochemical
  • 100% independent from cosmetic companies
  • Produce it all yourself
  • Works five times longer than normal deodorants

Product Description

The user can breed their own yeast with specific characteristics, thus creating their own specific perfume. The kind of scent that can be produced is unlimited, and can easily be adapted to the consumer's requirements. The charger is used to cultivate the yeast, then to sporulate it and fill it into the deodorant container. By pressing the symmetric buttons on the top of the deodorant's cap, two substrates are brought together in a separate upper chamber. This can sporulates the yeast and applies it to the skin. The growing medium consists of a special sugar, which itself can be produced by the end-user.

Technical Description

We genetically modified normal bakers yeast and integrated a complex set of order- producing and cleansing genes. Thereby we enabled the yeast produce substances for removing bad-smelling skin bacteria and to give yourself the perfect smell!

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Christian writes: 27/10/10 00:23

If we want to change the world, we all have to buy this product!

Jorge writes: 06/10/10 17:55

Its amazing! It`s true! It`s the best and simplest idea of the world. With this product I feel me very clean for the first time! I have no acne anymore, no stinky foots and I just have to take a shower all four days. For the first time I`m confident. Thanks for this product!

Norah writes: 06/10/10 02:11

I`m sure its healthier to use this than normal deodorants with that strange ions and something like that. Additionally it works the whole day and much longer. Not like the general deodorants which telling tall stories!

Diego writes: 03/10/10 02:04

I`ve got athlete's foot since I began to think! I have always the problem to get wet foots caused by rain. Now it doesn`t matter! But one question: Can I use that yeast for baking cakes?

Sarah writes: 02/08/10 15:40

Wow! The first invention which doesnt pranking the consuments to buy mor and more stuff! Now there are more hope for the humanity existing!

Claudia writes: 12/04/10 01:51

What an intelligent synthetic add-on: an additional of fragrance together with the natural property of yeast and thats it! Nice Idea! It coud be the perfect solution for our recource problem.

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