sustainable luminosity

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Product Overview

  • Neon-like signs display your logo without using electricity
  • More efficient than other technological approaches
  • No more light pollution in cities
  • Natural aesthetic - ecological impression

Product Description

'Sustainable Luminosity' takes your advertising message and delivers it using the medium of glowing insects. We train non-biting midges (Chironomidae) to fly in a way that their swarm takes the shape of your advertisement message. The insects are genetically modified to glow in the dark and alter their genetic make-up according to the training and sound input we provide. This initial training will be inherited over generations and keeps the swarm in shape.

Keep your energy bill low and be good to the environment - the natural light source we use is unchallenged by any man-made alternative to date and won’t disturb other animals. 'Sustainable Luminosity' provides cheap and sustainable advertisement with a natural charm.

Technical Description

Our midges are genetically modified to glow in the dark and trained to form into letters in small groups in response to spatial sound treatment. After the completion of complex training units, the midges learn to fly in the shape of the requested letter. Once this ability is acquired it will last and be passed on to following generations.

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