Cyano Fuel Pump

by Jelly-Fish Fuel Company (5 comments)
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Product Overview

  • Regulate the intensity of algae in your lakes or ponds
  • Harvest fuel
  • Help to reduce water poisons

Product Description

Do you have lakes near your home that are choked green with algal bloom? If so, you need Cyano Fuel Pump!

Our product not only allows you to control ugly and poisonous contamination by algae and cyanobacteria, it also converts these green pests into fuel. Based on natural jellyfish technologies, Cyano Fuel Pump is a green way of dealing with algal bloom.

Technical Description

The technology of this product is based on the symbiotic relationship seen between some species of jellyfish and algae. We conceived the product as containing millions of spinning cells that filter the algae from the water, trapping them and converting their photosynthesized sugars into fuel.

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Herold writes: 03/11/10 20:41

Holy shit! Can I clean my pond with that?! Than I could go swim!

Dave-O writes: 18/10/10 19:45

I wonder what the opinion of my dads SUV will be XD

Dave writes: 06/10/10 17:55 watch video

If thats works you will be the hero some day! Many people have problems with that shit! Look around!

Ingolf writes: 06/10/10 17:55

Thanks God for this product! Now I can clean my infested lake!

Jessica writes: 01/02/10 06:03

It will work! Just buy it! You will gain up to ten litres a week!

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