Sporal Up-Ready

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Product Overview

  • Eliminates every kind of parasite in your home garden
  • non-petrochemical product
  • environment-friendly
  • harmless for children

Product Description

'Sporal Up Ready' is a fungal pesticide that will keep your fruit and vegetables safe from insect attack.

The user can cultivate the fungus to attack specific parasites. All you have to do is catch some of the undesirable critters you want the system to target. Now treat the fungi cells with a special substrate which makes the genetic variation of the mushroom very flexible, and add the parasite to the contamination component of "Sporal Up Ready". The fungus then changes its genetic property to specialize its liking to that specific parasite. After 20 days or more one of the parasites will be successfully infected by the fungus and will die a pain-free death as a result of a fungal growth in its head. This provides you with a special fungus for further spore production. One such fungus is enough to protect hundreds of fruits and vegetables and give you a better garden, naturally!

In addition, the dying parasitic insects will decompose in your garden, providing a fertile dung and helping your plants to grow stronger.

Technical Description

We engineered a complex parasite recognition genepool we introduced into fungi. Bringing the fungi in contact with any parasites leads to recombination of certain genes in that pool and thereby to evolution of parasite recognition systems directly inside the fungi. Thereby, a specialized detection and defense from any parasite, even very unusual parasites, is enabled.

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Althea writes: 18/10/10 06:30

Yeah great! I hope the big agrarian-concerns will die when every farmer can produce his own sporal pesticides. More independence for all!!!

Georg writes: 13/10/10 20:14

Jesus Christ! You send us a blessed product!

Nick writes: 06/10/10 17:55 watch video

Thats dangerous, isn`t it?

Tom writes: 01/10/10 01:55

Nice. It makes fun!

CHris writes: 11/05/10 22:00

Nice product! I hope the next generation is compatible to rats!

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