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Product Overview

  • An animal-friendly way to get milk
  • Recycle all your biodegradable waste yourself
  • Less disgusting than getting milk from a cow
  • Child-friendly

Product Description

This synthetic biodegradable bin is a synthetic organ system which uses up all of your biological waste and provides you with energy and milk. With our product you are supporting a world without miserable industrial food productions. 'BioBin' has the same characteristics of a cow, but is cleaner and feels no pain.

Technical Description

BioBin is a fully-synthetic organ system developed by our organ engineering core. The system consists of a organprotect-chamber giving the organ tissue an optimal living environment. The front of the 'BioBin' is funneled to allow easy insertion of all of your biological waste. The carbons contained in your organic waste can now by synthesized into milk by the bin's internal organism. Some of the remaining waste products are transformed into methane, which can be used to produce energy. The product is designed to be used like a little gas stove. The entire process is complete after just 14 hours. Any waste products are stored in a box at the top of the 'BioBin'. These revoked substrates can be used to fertilise your garden and potted plants, or can simply be flushed down the toilet.

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liz writes: 25/10/12 16:05

where is this machine available

Martin writes: 25/10/12 16:05

When Humanity starts treating Cows with Love and Respect it will not be necessary to divert to a synthetic substitute,

John writes: 25/04/11 09:54

If it is truly a living organism, how can it not feel pain?

Markus Schmidt writes: 26/10/10 14:35

There is a 70 year old Mickey Mouse comic where the engineer develops a cow just like you did. Finally we made it happen! Can't wait to get one!

Karim writes: 07/10/10 13:51

Its a realy funny thing! Nice, clean and it looks pretty good!

Simon writes: 06/10/10 17:55

Wow! Now I can drink milk!

Tina writes: 14/06/10 17:03

If you get this product you will have a good conscience by drinking milk. Milk producing organs are much better than a poor cow in a general industrial farm.

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