Bacteria Game

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Product Overview

  • Game kit ready to use for everybody
  • Play at home or outside, wherever you want
  • Train your own bacteria and challenge your friends
  • Collect and trade microorganisms
  • Found first affiliations and alliances

Product Description

The Bacteria Game is a simple all-in-one kit to let homegrown bacteria compete against each other. March in lockstep with nature, breed your own creatures and become coach of your very own athletes. Simply use the included breeding kit to raise your own team and challenge your friends.

Included is everything you need to start instantly:
- 3 Petri dishes
- Bacteria starter set (bacteria culture, agar, toothpicks)
- 2 Game scenarios
- Different Game objects (barriers, forts)

Use the agar to build different landscapes and as a nutrient for your creatures. Inoculate your team on the agar and watch the game begin. Use the included game objects to evolve your team.

Technical Description

The concept of the game is based on the ability of some harmless wild-type bacteria to swim in soft media. Swimming enables the microbes to consume further nutrients if those in their vicinity are already consumed. All bacteria try to get away from the starting point as fast as possible to access fresh media. This mechanism can be employed for a game set-up. Selection and culturing of best swimmers leads to propagation of ideal swimming characteristics, which is why training may help gain a competitive edge. These bacteria can easily be stored in the fridge along with the supplied materials without any risk. The showdown competition is run by synthetic bacteria. Predators and prey communicate and regulate each other's density. Via molecular signals, the predator cells kill the prey while living prey rescues predators. The diverse and colorful crowd surrounding the spectacle was genetically engineered to carry different pigments, which was appreciated at the iGEM competition in 2009.

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The Boyles writes: 22/10/10 17:29 watch video

Curt writes: 17/10/10 17:45

My kids love to play in the dirt so this game was a big hit! I picked this game because now my kids can collect bacteria thereby having an incentive to interact with our neighbors' children. To me, the game is not durable since everything is so tiny and it takes ages to get finished. However, I have to admit my kids became bacteria game fans. So I don't regret the purchase.

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