Sasha Nourishing Solution

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Product Overview

  • Easy to handle
  • Lasts one month
  • Best supply for your 'Sasha'

Product Description

The 'Sasha Nourishing Solution' is used with 'Sasha', the sensual communication tool for men and women. As 'Sasha' consists of synthetic skin-filled sensorial cell mass and muscle strands controlled by an integrated neural network, it has to be supported with nutrients. To target this need, the 'Sasha Nourishing Solution' was developed. To support 'Sasha' as well as possible, the nourishing solution should be changed every third day. One bottle of 'Sasha Nourishing Solution' lasts one month.

Technical Description

Sasha Nourishing Solution consists of Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium (D-MEM) which contains a special mixture of glucose, amino acids, vitamins and salts.

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