Perfect Body Active Bacteria Lotion

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Product Overview

  • The quickest way to become perfect
  • Easy to use

Product Description

The Perfect Body Active Bacteria Lotion is the supplement needed to prepare your body for a new 'Perfect Body' body part. Simply apply the Active Bacteria Lotion to the part of your body you wish to exchange. Within 30 seconds the outer layer of your body's skin disintegrates. Afterwards you simply attach the new 'Perfect Body' body part by gently pressing it in place. The new body part adheres perfectly in just 60 seconds.

Technical Description

The Perfect Body Active Bacteria Lotion works with the help of a two-phase active component. In the first phase the extracellular cell array is disbanded by the local production of enzymes. This is followed by phase two in which the integrated hydrogel becomes active. The hydrogel is 100% bio-compatible with other cells and becomes part of the matrix that is integral to the tissue.

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Markus Schmidt writes: 26/10/10 14:35

Is there a lotion for men too?

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