Pull date Box

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Product Overview

  • Know when food is bad without having to look at or smell it
  • Save your children from seedy food
  • Always eat fresh

Product Description

'Pull date Box' can be used with any Tupperwar food storage system and gives you immediate access to information about what's in the box. The intensity of coloration on the 'Pull date Box' sticky-tape will show you how old its contents are. If it is completely red, you'd better throw it away if you want to protect your children!

Technical Description

We engineered a variety of antibodies detecting all major factors referring to non-fresh food, such as bacterial or fungi metabolic products. The antibodies are combined with a color-generating system giving the tape the bright green, yellow and red colors easy to distinguish.

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Bob writes: 21/09/13 13:53

Just Saying Judith, there is suppose to be a space in between "I" and "am". Maybe you need to take English Class for one more year.

Judith writes: 03/11/10 06:11

That is the product I `ve waiting for a long time! Iam afraid about this problem. Now I feel me safer.

Joseph writes: 01/11/10 20:04

Amazing! Some food signalized as bad and I thought I could eat it! Thanks for this product. Now I live healthier!

Christina writes: 06/10/10 06:03

God thanks! You gave us a holy product!

The real Mrs. America writes: 03/10/10 19:59

I love my children and so I take care about them! Every mother should buy this product!

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