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Product Overview

  • Easy to use
  • Independent translating system
  • Self-adhesive adjustment
  • Small and discreet
  • For all ages

Product Description

Pull out your green thumb and smell the difference! With 'Tweedlewheedle', Treehugger's new plant translator plug, the most essential needs and worries of almost every plant can be exposed with only a single sniff. Matched to your own DNA and your body conditions, the 'Tweedlewheedle' nose-plugs can easily be attached to your nose cartilage with your fingertip. No technical knowledge is needed.

'Tweedlewheedle' is a living companion that works on its own. 'Tweedlewheedle' combines the genetic characteristics of super-sensitive mimosa, highly efficient tobacco, and cleverly treated human neurons. The capital messenger substances of a plant are mapped and delivered to your brain via tiny electronic impulses.

Do not swallow! Main ingredients are tobacco and mimosa, which can cause diarrhea and short-term intoxication.

Technical Description

'Tweedlewheedle' allows your brain cells to sense the hormones emitted by plants via neural intercellular communication. The process developed by our engineers runs on a series of highly sumptuous operating cycles. They are based on the production of a dilution of human neurons, raised with a genetic sample of your own body and combined with a selection of phytohormone receptors extracted from common tobacco plants, which are transgenically introduced into the neurons. Our newly developed molecular pathway based on mimosa pudica offers superior signal amplification, leading to a better understanding of your green friends' needs.

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John writes: 25/04/11 09:54

Is this reusable? Can I dry out the plugs and use them again? If so, I would like to purchase some for my mother.

Nono writes: 17/10/10 17:45 watch video

short explaining!

The Jerk writes: 14/10/10 02:16 watch video

chef's suggestion of the day!

Sue writes: 06/10/10 22:23

Discreet? Noooo Noooo Nooooo! Did you test this nose plug only on persons with a nose as big as an elephant? Just don't use this nose plug, if you have a small nose! Because it will absolutely look awful!

Rhea writes: 29/09/10 15:09

Next year I will need to take over the wine estate from my old father. And I am usually absolutly incapable of any greens. So I bought this tweedlewheedle doohickey to give it a try, because I wasn't willing to ruin my fathers reputation and hard work after one week. What can I say? It works! My plants really love me now!

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