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Product Overview

  • Get your life organized
  • Work out while you sleep
  • Spend more time with your family

Product Description

After one simple injection, ReCoBrain transports you to your own
personal paradise! Boring and stressful chores will be executed by
your body while you are fast asleep. Just plug in your earphones,
press play, sit back and relax. The personalized melodies will tell
your brain which program to run – be it anything from washing the
dishes, mowing the lawn, or exercising. After the program is
completed, the wake-up music will slowly bring you back from your
dreams, feeling fully rested and relaxed. You will then have all the
free time you ever wanted, and enough time to spend it with family and
friends! Indulge in activities you could not find time for before the
ReCoBrain technology changed your life.

This procedure can be partially refunded by your health insurance if
you suffer from stress-induced disorders like burn-out-syndrome.
Please contact your insurance company for further information.
Not for children under 18 years of age.

Technical Description

The ReCoBrain technology is based on the injection of a synthetic neuronal network that attaches to the brain’s motor cortex and auditory cortex, and induces the formation of new synapses. Neuronal activity patterns in these brain areas are recorded by the ReCoBrain network and can be linked. Simply by listening to a specific, personalized melody while asleep, ReCoBrain is activated and repeats the corresponding activity patterns of the brain, causing the body to react to these stimuli by executing the programmed task.

Featured ReCoBrain Applications

DREAM 99.99
The dream app allows you to take control of your sub conscious stream of thought so that you can program your dreams.  Imagine, no more nightmares, no more dreams about work, and no more sexual fantasies about your ex. Simply upload this application to your ReCoBrain program, and select your ideal fantasy.

SPORT 199.99
So you think your not the sporty type, lack of coordination or not enough skill, well this application will take care of that for you. This way you can impress all your friends with your awesome volleyball skills, throw a mean curve ball, to even run that marathon! This application takes the neurological information from of the best athletes and then uploads it to your ReCoBrain system! So you can play football like Ronaldo, or Golf like Robert Palmer, -with out ever having to pay for sports training, its like being a natural!

YOGA 99.99
The health benefits of yoga are now even more accessible thanks to our app! So while your dreaming your are getting the workout as well as the medical benefits of a regular yoga routine. You can be more flexible, have better circulation, and be more focused.  Our neuro data is collected from some of the best yoga instructors, and the workout is based so that your body gradually improves its yoga skills, so that you don't have any soar muscles in the morning!

FORGET 199.99
That girlfriend that left you, your dead dog, the bully from High school, to your old job.  This app allows you to clear your mind of all that unpleasantness, so you can move on with your life.  This application helps your brain from recalling information about your specific unpleasantly.  If you later change your mind and want to recall the memories you simply install the ReCall App.

RECALL 399.99
Change your mind about your Forget App?  Wondering who that hot girl in the photo was, or what your doing with a dog bowl?  Well for a small fee this app allows you to recall items that you erased using the Forget App.


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Travis Taylor writes: 20/03/11 11:14

Guys, check out the unofficial app market for this. So much better then the corporate controlled app limits.

philip writes: 20/10/10 18:09 watch video

kat writes: 18/10/10 19:45 watch video

lara writes: 10/10/10 08:09 watch video

Sean McKenny, Buffalo NY writes: 09/10/10 23:45

I want to thank ReCoBrain for helping me get my promotion! My boss demands allot from me as an employee, a 40 hour week with an additional 20 hours of overtime expected and only 2 weeks vacation time is the norm. And he just doesn't know how I fit it all in, well I will tell you... I put together most of the computer boards while I am sound asleep, its just assembly work! And I don't think he even notices, he thinks I have noise reducing headphones on, but its actually my ReCoBrain music! Now when I am actually awake I am spending that important time with my wife and 2 kids! No one even notices a difference!

Peter Wright, Germantown TN writes: 08/10/10 10:35

My wife is leaving me thanks to RecoBrain! I programmed my Recobrain to take me for a jog while I was sound asleep, like the god damn thing advertises! And when I am trying to get fit for her in the middle of the night by running around the block, I accidentally go back into the neighbors house to go back to bed. Well all she sees is me dazed and confused covered in sweat leaving the neighbors house in a hurry, and thinks I am sleeping with our neighbors wife! So I get beat up by one man, and yelled at by two women, all while trying to get fit! Thanks Recobrain, I hope you assholes can pay my alimony!

Sarah Lang, McKenny TX writes: 20/09/10 13:05

Nowdays it is so hard to get into collage; on top of my 4 AP classes, the top 10% on my SAT, being on 2 varsity sports team, head cheerleader, the president of the Debate club, and part of Model UN, I decided to lighten my load by getting things done in my sleep. Well turns out that Harvard is not accepting ReCoBrain students anymore, after two Asian kids "accidentally" sleepwalked off of a dorm last semester. They call it "Academic Doping!" -Please with all the bullshit they require to get into their Ivy league school it is unbelievable to think any human could do it all with out the help of modern pharmaceuticals! If it wasn't for ReCoBrain I would have to take Aderol or Ritalin or who knows crack! They call themselves an elite university, so why are they against elite procedures which helpstheir students accel?!

Nadine Peterson, Deluth IL writes: 18/09/10 19:45

Being a single mom was a nightmare, there was never enough time to get it all done! But now that I have had the ReCoBrain Procedure my life has become much easier. I can pick up the kids playroom, get on top of my mountain of laundry in the middle of the night!

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