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Product Overview

  • individual sounds
  • orchestra inside your pocket
  • generative organic compositions
  • never the same playlist

Product Description

the world of mobile entertainment is rapidly evolving. b-pod is the answer of boring playlists and the always-the-same music industry. b-pod need no musicians, b-pod is the musician. inside that little thing are a lot of very talented bacteria, which are able to generate a lifetime long music composition. you can also change the type of bacteria to modify the sounds you get.

Technical Description

the soundengine of the b-pod generates a music composition that is totally individual and spontanious. the modified bacteria are part of a circuit that allows them to pulse different electrical signals in a chain of reactions so that the output is a half, quarter, eighth or a six-tenth beat of a rythm. the basic funktion of these bacteria is the same like a condenser. if you put different capacities in a chain, you will get different rythmic outputs on differnet chanels to compose this individual song. it works like an orchestra inside your pocket. the setup inside the b-pod is kind of simple, the agar with different nutrients is like the circuit board and along some specific grandients the bacteria are forming condenser chains. the output will then be amplified by a typical mini electronic amplifier to create the full sound experience in your ear.

b-pod sound preview

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