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Product Overview

  • Fights fungi and dust
  • Reduces food particles and allergic reactions
  • All-in-one adhesive system
  • Fast-growing: within 2-3 weeks
  • Highly resistant
  • Natural alternative to carpets and wallpapers

Product Description

Regulate hygienic problems in just the twinkle of an eye - with 'kokoromo', the new indoor vegetation based on organic wild type mosses!

This revolutionary new product combines only the best moss abilities: crush resistance, fast growth, moisture absorption and disinfection. 'kokoromo' is a reliable partner for every occasion in your home, be it as an indicator for fungi, as a dryer for wet walls or a cleaner to reduce allergic illnesses.

The 'kokoromo' product line moreover includes a various range of applications for the simple attachment to different constructional material, for example the 'kokoromo' spongy adhesive spray and 'kokoromo' wall-plaster spore powder. A perfect organic alternative to expensive carpets and wallpapers!

Technical Description

'kokoromo', our all-in-one product, contains only the best mossy abilities. For this purpose, 'kokoromo' is engineered out of four special moss species in our synbio labs via complex knock-out treatments. This allows us to first target the particular skills required from the moss genes and to derive them from their genetical modules, so that a new moss type can be assembled in the final stage and synthesized by our treehugger-scientists.

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Tilda writes: 25/10/10 09:34

This moss is much better than I thought it would be. I bought last year an old house, but didn't realize that there was a big water damage. So I found everywhere under the wallpapers fungi....you know the black one! There was no chance to sell the house again and no chance to clean it traceless. Roughly spoken, A total loss! So I went to super-cell and bought this moss, because I heard so many nice things about it. And now my house is incredibly clean, no fungi anymore!

Matthew writes: 23/10/10 20:43

We are using kokoromo in our hotel, especially for our wellness area and in the bathrooms. And the guests really really fancy it. It is like living in a forest atmosphere, but much more comfortable and clean.

Jenne writes: 06/10/10 17:55 watch video

Don't ya agree?

Wawa writes: 06/10/10 17:55 watch video

My short review on kokoromo moss! Watch it!

Jess writes: 04/10/10 13:05

Just buy this! ♡

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