Balcony Menu

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Product Overview

  • Harvest your own ingredients - it couldn´t be fresher!
  • Vegan - for a healthier lifestyle
  • Minimum space required
  • For families, singles or romantic candle-lit dinners at home
  • 100% natural, 100% organic, 100% yours!

Product Description

One plant for it all!
A high quality selection of various vegetables, fruits and herbs that grow on one plant. It provides everything that is needed for a delicious three-course meal composed by star chef Anton Gonzo. His list of ingredients form the basis for the plants, which are then designed by agricultural and nutritional scientists together with SynBio engineers.
After growing, the plant is harvested in one piece and provides you with all the organic ingredients needed for starter, main course and dessert.

Balcony Menu is available in three tantalizing themes: “Provencal”; “Nordic Nights” and “Italian Dreams” and may be ordered in three different sizes: single, romantic (2 people) and family (4 or more people).

Technical instructions:
1 plant the balcony menu in a common flower box.
2 water it every second day.
3 harvest it after approximately three weeks and enjoy your meal!

starter: olives, capers, oil, herbs
main course: eggplant, tomato, thyme, rosemary, onion, potato
dessert: apricot, lavender, honey-blossom

"Nordic Nights"
starter: cucumber, horseradish, chives
main course: peas, pepper, potato, carrots, leek
dessert: elderflower, apple, honey-blossom

"Italian Dreams"
starter: rocket, tomato, olives, oil
main course: tomato, garlic, zucchini, wheat, oregano, basil
dessert: pomegranate, lemon, walnut

Technical Description

Balcony Menu is based on an embryonic manipulation method in which the stem cells of different plants have been made compatible with each other. Cellular fusion allows the growth of tissues from different species on one-and-the-same host plant.

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M.D. writes: 18/10/10 19:45

@ Thomas: First you'll have to grow it anyways ^^

Berny writes: 18/10/10 18:08 watch video

Vivian writes: 02/10/10 10:00 watch video

Sophie writes: 28/09/10 12:08 watch video

Monica writes: 27/09/10 14:08

You know, I am always a bit afraid of all these pesticides and flavor potentiators but now that I can nurture my own food with that balcony menu I really feel good because I know what I eat. Thanks to super cell!

Thomas writes: 22/09/10 16:37

is hungry...please deliver faster!

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