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Product Overview

  • Highly personalized
  • Highly reliable
  • Highly secure
  • Feel safe – Be safe – BacteSafe®!

Product Description

The BacteSafe® system protects you and your property, at home or at work. This highly personalized system allows you to choose from 5 different security levels, differing in the effect that the specified BacteSafe® virus has on the intruder:
SL 1: color trace on the hands
SL 2: color trace on the face
SL 3: blood count signature that can be traced back to the location of the illegal entry
SL 4: paralysis in one leg
SL 5: sickness, medical attention needed within 48 hours
These security levels can also be combined.

Each BacteSafe® effect can be neutralized by the required anti-virus, which is offered by the police or the owner of the BacteSafe® System that activated the infection.

BacteSafe® consists of:
- the BacteSafe® stop gel for defining the perimeter of the area you want to protect
- the BacteSafe® database terminal for registering permitted visitors and for programming the security system via a connected DNA printer
- the BacteSafe® update gel to transmit the DNA sequences that will keep the system up to date
- the BacteSafe® fungus, programmed with the DNA sequences. It constantly analyses people inside the BacteSafe® area.

If anybody entering the perimeter is not listed in the DNA-library, the fungus becomes visible by turning red and allows fast and easy location of the exact point of trespass. In addition, it responds to the intrusion by ejecting the specified personally-modified virus (according to the chosen security level) which infects the intruder.

Technical Description

BacteSafe® works with a bacterial and viral trace-back system that is executed by a synthetically developed fungus. It is administrated through the database terminal, a computer system with an integrated DNA printer.

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Bob writes: 21/09/13 13:53


Frank Andalis writes: 17/10/10 08:08

I was working in a big concern for years and honestly - I was a real good worker. Fast, always in time, reliable. Last week I was kicked out! And you know why? A few weeks ago my boss installed this BacteSafe System. We all had to register by giving our DNA to the system. You know what that means? You are more than naked with that step. The boss may see your genetic endowments – in my case he could see that I do have a disease that might (and thats not even sure) come up sometime and bring longer terms of disability with it. BacteSafe is a great excuse to collect this sensitive data. I lost my job because of that. I fucking hate this SynBioControlTool. Whis this we loose the last bit of privacy!

Angelina writes: 15/10/10 16:54 watch video

Mrs. Jimson writes: 07/10/10 15:10

The relieve of permanent anguish. Thanks!

Mr and Mrs Cornell writes: 05/10/10 17:24 watch video

John Walter writes: 03/10/10 19:08

BacteSafe is great. I do use it now for more than a year. Just can recommend it!

Julie writes: 28/09/10 12:08

Hey guys, just wanted to say – great thing! I live in a flat share with four other persons and thats quite ok – but I also need my own space and I wanna be sure that no one goes in if I am not there. So I installed BacteSafe and it works fantastically! I choose security level one – what a fun when I saw the colored hand of my flat mate. Since then none of them went into my room again.

Wayne writes: 26/09/10 22:10

You are crazy. Nowadays everyone is so afraid that living is more or less impossible...Don't you remember the times of spontaneous guests? Of a joyful life that was not planned in detail? This system is much more dangerous that humans could ever be, but you prefer to die lonely in your castle of pretended security...

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