Baby's Best Night Care

by Philomenat (6 comments)
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Product Overview

  • With SynBio signet, guaranteeing highest quality and safety standards
  • All-round care of your child
  • Harmonizing effect
  • Cosy, dry and warm - all night long
  • Pleasant and deep sleep

Product Description

Because a happy baby makes parents happy!

Baby's Best Night Care is a special brand of diapers reacting to the child's needs with three patented mechanisms to satisfy your child all night long!
Sensor 1: checks your child's nutrition supply. If any nutrient content falls below the desired rate, 'Baby's Best Night Care' dispenses the necessary nutrients which will be absorbed through baby's skin.
Sensor 2: examines movement activity. If the child is having restless dreams or is about to wake up, 'Baby's Best Night Care' dispenses a harmonizing substance that guides your child to pleasant and deep dreams.
Sensor 3: reacts to the child's excretion. The new, active formula transforms urine and faeces into a cotton-like inlay and results in a cosy, warm and dry feeling.
Baby's Best Night Care – Sleep well!

Technical Description

This product is based on three integrated bacteria strains which are activated by an over or under-supply of special substances, sensed and processed by a bacterial interface connected to the baby's skin or the physical activity of the child. 100% biodegradable.

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Karmella Haynes writes: 01/11/10 20:34

This is a very clever product, especially the excrement-to-soft lining feature. Will there be a version for senior citizens?

Peter Barry writes: 12/10/10 23:08

Don't put too much weight on Dr. Jones statement. The product has the SynBio signet which also means that its well tested and secure!

Dr. Jones, pediatrician writes: 12/10/10 12:08

Dear parents, I am sure you want just the best for your child. Then please do not use these diapers! They are not well tested yet and some children show noticable problems after the use of this product. From my point of view especially the „hamonizing substance“ is a questionable.

Phillip writes: 30/09/10 15:44 watch video

Susan writes: 28/09/10 12:08

I am mother of three children and without Baby's Best Night Care I would be lost. Thanks to Philomenat.

Sandra writes: 26/09/10 11:20 watch video

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