Odeur Cuisine

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Product Overview

  • Everything you need for a start in 'Odeur Cuisine'
  • Recipes, including photographs
  • Modified bacteria strain plus smell-triggers
  • Cooking utensils and accessories
  • Medically approved

Product Description

'Odeur Cuisine' is the newest hype from Europe, allowing you to extend the experience of a delicious meal to a rich bouquet of combined fragrances in the form of gastrointestinal olfactory output, be it enhanced flatulence, enriched eructation, or both.

The Starter-Kit is based on a cookbook giving you insight into the various techniques of 'Odeur Cuisine' and their appliance in the recipes of world-leading chefs. Additional background information is also provided, such as the historical and cultural background of flatulence, up-and-coming dining rituals, and scientific illustration. Also included in the kit are accessories for cooking and savoring odeur meals, a strain of modified gastrointestinal bacteria and a set of smell triggers - indispensable and varying with your chosen package.

Everything you need to prepare the finest emission-cultivating dishes in combination with gastrointestinal activated odors!

Technical Description

Odeur Cuisine is based on modified E. coli bacteria that are able to secrete molecules with different smells (ethereal, camphoracceous, musky, floral, minty, pungent, putrid). The variation of smells can be triggered to be synthesized in different concentrations by flavorless substances mixed into your ordinary meal.

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branda writes: 24/10/10 11:36

This book changed much more than only my view on nutrition science. It builds a large context between the dining habit, cultural rituals and the boundaries of a social taboo that -if broken- can lead to a liberated and healthier life.

walt writes: 26/08/10 11:35

@hans - you can try some cleaning methods taken from yoga, before you get infected next time. this should do the trick - worked fine for me. I´ll post a video explaining it along with some other methods to clean your tummy and nose before having dinner.

hans writes: 26/08/10 10:55

Odeur cuisine doesn´t work on me. No matter what method i try, it doesn´t affect my farts, at least not within the evening. Sometimes I wake up at night and find myself in a perfume-like cloud - but it seems not to work straight after dinner.

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