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Product Overview

  • Integrated rather than a biological implant
  • Applicable anytime and fast acting
  • Turned on and off at any time by the filter bacteria
  • Precise in the interpretation of information about position
  • Biodegradable within ear wax

Product Description

Using the Vestibulizer, it is possible to cure damage to the vestibular system, or to compensate for specific conditions leading to disturbances in rotational and positional sensing. Disorientation in a drunken stupor, motion sickness, sea sickness, nitrogen narcosis and the increasingly important space sickness are problems of the past.

The Vestibulizer consists of many bacteria that attach themselves to the hair cells in the inner ear, which is a part of the vestibular system and thus controls the sense of spatial orientation. These bacteria are synthetically modified so that they sit at right angles to the hair cells and swim forward when receiving a command. By distributing bacteria around many hair cells, it is possible to correct every conceivable problem that a person might have with their sense of balance. The bacteria receive information about the position of the body from chemical messengers that are produced and interpreted by a kind of gyroscopic compass bacteria, which make up the second part of this two-component system.

A treatment lasts for a month and is easily renewed. There is no risk of developing a tolerance to either component, so the Vestibulizer will work just as well after years of use.

Technical Description

The Vestibulizer consists of many bacteria that attach themselves to the hair cells in the cupula of the vestibular system. Their movement can be controlled by chemical messengers, thus influencing the user's sense of balance and spatial orientation.

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john writes: 26/08/10 10:55

In an accident my balance and position senses were seriously damaged, and I could only sit in a wheelchair. Every movement felt like an earthquake, my life was unbearable. The only thing I had was the goggle-box ... with Vestibulizer my life was fun again, I can move like everyone else, and for that I can do more: overhead work is a no brainer, roller coaster rides with the Vestibulizer in the power mode are really fun. I have a trampoline and a new half-pipe at my new home, and when I sometimes go to the pub, I do not need to care about how to come home in a drunken stupor! I am a happy person again thanks to Vestibulizer.

amanda writes: 26/08/10 10:55

I work a lot on installation, I am specialzed in welding the body structure of generation space ships and research stations. I suffered greatly from space disease and after an operation back on earth I needed weeks to feel well again. My concentration at work was degenerating after time, and I had to throw up constantly inside my space suit! Thanks Vestibulizer I can now work relaxed, unfortunately I can not afford that stuff, but the company pays for the costs. With Vestibulizer I see no difference between gravity in free space or in my life on earth.

bert writes: 26/08/10 10:55

Vestibulizer is fantastic, I am a carny sport-drinker and in the past I had problems finding my way back home after work, with this stuff there is no problem at all. Other drugs promise to sober you up, but I love my job! I can get home fully hammered and do not need to pay the expensive medical bills if it did not work out. Really, that stuff is great, I can sincerly recommend it.

horst writes: 26/08/10 10:55

I am fisher and I had recently taken my son out fishing with me. He complained of severe nausea and I thought I could give him something from this Vestibulizer - we always have that on board! -You never know! At first it seemed to help, but then he got very strange fits and his ears got swollen. We had a hard time to bring the boat into harbor in time to get him to the doctor. Anyway, it was probably an allergic reaction to the stuff - that was not on the package - really crappy stuff, my son went almost belly up!

michaela writes: 26/08/10 10:55

I am one of those "young guns" and do quite a few weird things, so with sports and such. One day I thought it must be totally cool to sometimes try this stuff while bungee jumping -well that was a total letdown! I do actually not know what they want with that stuff, it did not work for me at all, the jump was as boring as always. Find out something cool already!

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